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Hiking Croatia

Hiking Croatia

The travel destination Croatia offers tourists much more than gorgeous beaches and lovely coastal towns, finally rises near the coast, a fascinating world that can be explored wonderfully under extensive hikes. When hiking through the hinterland of Croatia will become apparent to tourists nature parks with rich flora and fauna, as well as a good insight into rural life. Routes such as the trail Anica Luka or the Way of Saint Simeon in Istria testify to the versatility of hiking in Croatia.

Hiking Croatia Hiking Croatia


Absolute tip for hikers because of the breathtaking panoramic view of the ten kilometer long "Way of Saint Simeon". He has in the medieval town Gracisce seven kilometers southeast of Pazin, its starting and ending point. Hiking in Istria will remain will certainly memorable! But before getting to the well-marked path, you should first explore the picturesque village itself.
Gracisce is fully listed. Of particular interest: The late Gothic Church of Our Lady on the main square with portico from the 17th century. Here, women have traditionally taken earlier by happy births pilgrims nails in the stones of the church, which are still visible today. know Hiking in Istria and learn ancient customs and modern cheerful people who are very hospitable.

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Especially interesting and varied are the numerous caves, certainly several hundred. Hiking in Istria, when you want, by limestone mountains that are worth seeing. Climate table over to the Mediterranean region, which is understandable because of the sea, but in the higher altitudes lie until May snowdrifts in sheltered places. Pure nature in this diversified region.

Vegetation Istria is explored very varied and thoroughly. The lower part of the eastern slope is dominated by chestnut woods and thanks to the great humidity you will also find a lush Mediterranean vegetation. Hiking in Istria - through laurel groves or in the central belt mainly through oak woods is an experience. At an altitude of 900 m Experience graceful flower meadows with primroses, daffodils, asphodel, Carniolan lilies, orchids and even Enzian.

Beginners can start already near Zagreb, Ogulin, Rovinj, Pazin, Split and Omiš, on the islands of Mljet, Brač and Vis you can also climb in altitude. Passionate hikers can choose between 400 organized walking routes, some of which are among the most demanding routes in Europe. Top destinations await the mountains Paklenica, Velebit, Učka, Dinar, Mosor and Biokovo, among the 350 m high rock called "Anica kuk" is the biggest attraction.