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Canoeing & kayaking Croatia

Canoeing & kayaking Croatia

Did you know that the Canoeing here has a centuries-old tradition? Traditional Croatian canoes, called. "Trupice" are still used for fishing and transportation on the delta of the Neretva River. They are suitable for family and group excursions, guided tours by canoe run on routes with numerous castles and fortresses such as Trakošćan, Ozalj and Dubovec the river Kupa to the mills of Radman on the Cetina or the old mills of Krka river. A special sight is located on the islet Visovac with monastery that emporsprießt middle of a cut by the river Krka lake.

Canoeing & kayaking Croatia


Be it an exciting river or a quiet but Seekajakabenteuer, the Croatian waters have great potential. Even if one assumes that the higher water level of the rivers is more appropriate for experienced drivers in the spring, and it is recommended the lower beginners, offers almost every single river levels of difficulty.

From the rivers Dobra, Mrežnica, Una, Kupa, Korana in the north up to the Cetina or Zrmanja in the south, surrounded by national parks, kayak you discover undiscovered scenes.

One can hardly drive a better place to canoe or kayak imagine as Croatia - There are to visit some coastal towns and in order to discover more coves, where you have the beach all to yourself. The crystal clear blue water is perfect for swimming and snorkeling and the temperatures are almost all year round warm. You can also convince the stopover in one of the resorts themselves equal of the great Croatian cuisine. As you may already know, the country possesses more than 1,000 islands, some of which are believed to be the finest in the world and they are a dream for any canoeing or kayaking.

Where would so devious you and your paddle with so much choice first? You do not know yet as accurate? - If you want to experience combines a lot of history and spectacular beauty, you would at least with central Dalmatia already very good advice.


Water-Rafting in Croatia

On the mainland you have the fascinating, bustling city of Split with its Roman legacy and the Makarska Riviera with its beautiful beaches, resorts and convivial nightlife. Out at sea, only a few strokes away, are two of the prettiest islands in Croatia: Hvar and Brac.

Kayaking in CroatiaWithout any doubt, the river Cetina one of the most magical places in Croatia is to drive kayak and certainly it is ideally suited for water rafting. It is located in a lush area surrounded by quaint little villages that is both historically and logically ark interesting.
The character of the Cetina varies several times along its course.

In the higher regions it is imbedded in to deep, rugged canyons and flows most quickly with plenty of rapids.

the flow is further below much slower and broader, more like a lake, with the sides towering cliffs, here and there occasionally flatten and with small villages, deciduous forests and V. A. alternate in spring stunning, standing in bloom meadows - What a peaceful place after leaving the rapids behind!

The Cetina itself is very clean and clear. He supplied a large part of Dalmatia with water - do not hesitate about going swimming. It also contains many trout - so do not forget the fishing rod!

In Omis Cetina flows into the sea, what this town is a fantastic frame. The area is popular with boat enthusiasts incredibly popular, especially when friends of kayaking and water-rafting and there are several shops and clubs in Omis which lend kayaks and other boating equipment. Some also organize trips. So you can come without any pre-planning to Croatia, yet will not have to give up a great river adventure.